Bob Douglas, PhD

Robert Douglas.png

Dr. Douglas serves as D3D's Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Douglas graduated from West Point and was in the top 1% of his class in engineering. He was commissioned as an Infantry officer. During his Army career he was an Airborne Ranger having a range of experiences from combat tours as an Infantryman in Vietnam, to tours with the United Nations in the Middle East, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff studying nuclear weapons, and to developing a communications van for the Under Secretary of Air Force for Space Systems.

He joined Martin Marietta in Orlando, later to be part of Lockheed Martin where he was director of systems analysis for 16 years. In that position, he was responsible for analysis of a wide range of advanced weapons systems including fire control for Air Force fighters (F-22 and F-35); and JASSM cruise missile; Army Javelin and Hellfire missiles, Longbow radar; MEADS air defense system; and Copperhead guided projectile. 


He later joined DRS Technologies as Vice President, Engineering with a focus on thermal imaging systems for Army combat vehicles (M1 Abrams tank and M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle), combat aviation (Ah-64 and OH-58D), and thermal imaging for Infantry weapons and helmets. He is the inventor of numerous image processing patents.  He has served on the Army Science Board for over 20 years and has been Chair of 7 major studies for the Board. 


From a philanthropic side, he is co-founder of Rad Impact – an organization which provides ultrasound equipment and training for midwives in rural parts of Africa. He received his PhD from the University of Central Florida and given the Personal Achievement Award by the College of Engineering.