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Buddy G. Beck


Mr. Beck serves as the CEO of D3D Technologies.  He shares his wisdom with D3D as an industrial entrepreneur, business executive, scholar, public servant, inventor, and technologist. His notable career includes years of distinguished military and public service, including time served on the National Security Council staff in the White House under Presidents Ford and Carter.


Early in his career Buddy founded Atlantic Systems Research & Engineering (ASR&E), which began his journey to the top of corporate America. ASR&E later merged with Coleman Research Corporation (CRC) which, under Buddy’s leadership, was recognized in 1993 by Business Week as the fastest growing small, private technology company in the United States. In 1995 Buddy led CRC’s merger with Thermo Electron Corporation. In 2000 Buddy founded Trans Digital Technologies Corporation (TDT) and served as President, CEO, and majority shareholder until the company was acquired by Viisage Technologies. This notable acquisition further launched Buddy to the highest corporate ranks as Viisage became known as L-1 Identity Solutions, selecting Buddy to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors in the multibillion dollar corporation. Buddy currently sits on the boards of multiple other public and private companies, serves on a number of national security boards, and is deeply involved with many non-profit organizations. He established The Beck Foundation, a foundation which has created research programs at top universities nationwide.